Apocalypse Bicycle Repair

Pricing Plan

Affordable Pricing

Basic Tune Up


Best for bikes that are regularly ridden but starting to make a little noise or that old bike in the corner collecting dust. This tune-up breathes life into neglected bikes.

*Or choose this option if you're not sure what service to select.

Silver Tune Up


Best for riders who get out a few times a week and want to continue doing so for the rest of the season.

Platinum Tune-Up


Best for riders who get after it rain or shine, bike commuters, high mileage bikes. Riders looking to restore that sparkle to their ride.

A la carte services (add ons)

My shop rate is

$40 front wheel
$60 rear wheel

Adjust cones
$20/each wheel

Flat fix
$10+ tube

Cush Core Install
$60 front and rear
Includes sealant

Wrap handlebars
$30 + bar tape

Hydraulic brake bleeeds

Brake pads install
$5/set + parts

Spoke replacement
$30 + $5/spoke

50 hours suspension
service $40

Brake adjustment $10

Shift adjust $10

Hub overhaul for front wheel - $40

Hub overhaul for rear wheel - $60

Build Up a Boxed Bike
- $120

Suspension and Dropper Post Maintenance $80/hr

Tubeless conversion

Tubeless recharge